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About SoraJikoku

It is a new platform that can prepare your body from the mental aspect.

It is known that humans are affected psychologically by sky brightness. Moreover, the psychological state is reflected largely in the body.

This SoraJikoku manipulates the sky with its own relative watch and works on human psychological time.

There are two important keys.

  • Cheat the brain
  • Cycle
Improve the cycle of ON and OFF, leading to good results such as physical condition control and efficiency improvement.

Cheat the brain?

Brain makes a convenient judgement, And orders to body.

There are people who often "lie", but strictly, that person just follows the instructions of the brain "honestly".
In other words, the brain lies unconsciously. Brain makes a convenient judgement, And orders to body. Conversely, if you can change your brain's judgment, you can also control the body.

Case famous for fooling the brain:

  • Placebo effect
    When prescribing ordinary sugar as a "medicine" by a doctor, it is thought that the patient is sick and effective, it will cure.
  • Binocular disparity
    An example of stereoscopic viewing with head mount display attracting attention in the game industry etc. is now famous. Pseudo misunderstand the brain by inputting images with different right and left parallaxes visually, it feels like a three-dimensional image with a sense of depth.
  • Diet
    Recently the most popular diet method is "to trick the brain". There are other ways to raise appropriate blood glucose before meals.
    There are instances where we improved metabolism and lost weight using SoraJikoku.

SoraJikoku can cheat the brain psychologically from the vision and control the command from the brain to the body concerning time.


Use scene

We have selected several scenes to use.
You can use it widely even in other scenes.

Day and night reversal life

By setting up tailored to your life, feeling the sky, you can make up for your feelings.

Sunrise / sunset for yoga

By connecting to a large TV or using external lighting, you can perform sunrise yoga and sunset yoga at any time any time.

Room without window / Bad weather

Even in the room where external light does not enter or even in bad weather, feeling the sky from the SoraJikoku can grasp the cycle and lead to higher efficiency.

Preparation and care for traveling abroad

From 1 to 10 days before departure, we will support jet lag and physical condition at the site by using the sky of the destination at SoraJikoku.

In a insomnia night

There is no need to forced sleep. Let's make the sky that can sunset in about two hours using Sky Timer and change that time to a nice time.

Change to an early bird

Set an early bird to SoraJikoku and input psychologically.It also works to improve metabolism.

*Psychologically working effects vary from individual to individual.


How to use "only to see"

  • Just launch "Sky Time" several times a day and see the screen of the smartphone.
  • Besides, it is about 10 seconds per one time.

First, set the morning (waking up) / noon (at lunch) / evening (at work) of your target life cycle.

Especially when you look at the time of morning (waking up) / evening (working time) it will be more effective.

*It is not a thing with immediate effect, so it is important to keep on long (the effect will come out as soon as you get the knack).


Get SoraJikoku Lite

There are iOS version and Android version.Please obtain from the below and experience the new time.

"SoraJikoku BASIC" has been discontinued.


Operation navi

This is an operation guide for SoraJikoku Lite.If you select the following items, a description will be displayed.

  • Basic screen
  • Basic operation
  • Use temporarily (Sky Timer)
  • Use everyday (Lifestyle Cycle)
  • Know the sky of the day (Skey Map)
  • Hide the digital clock
  • Change messages
  • Operate external lighting

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